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 Annoucemenr of new Deputy Director - Medical and Get Fit For Duty is Back!!

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J. Gallagher

J. Gallagher

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PostSubject: Annoucemenr of new Deputy Director - Medical and Get Fit For Duty is Back!!   Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:44 pm

I would like to announce the new Deputy Director, STARFLEET Medical, COMM Gary "Tiny" Hollifield, Jr., SFMC-R Vice Chief-Operations, USS Odin NCC-1875. Gary is not a newbie and has been around for quite a while in various positions within the 'FLEET. Most notably, he is in charge of the Get Fit For Duty Program that has been absent from the FRC, but lived on through their own yahoo group.

Together, Gary and I, along with the many 'FLEET Regional Medical Diectors, will help our fellow members to recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the importance of having some sort of CPR/First-aid knowledge. We're not asking you all to become paramedics, but have a basic knowledge of what to do in an emergency, those little steps could provide the much needed time until help arrives.

I recently decided to 'get fit' and have, after a full physical, started the South Beach Diet and have lost 6 pounds in the last 17 days. I have since stopped running since my Air Force days, (except when running from the mean looking people holding a knife back in NYC). lol. Boy, have I paid the price. Now I decided to purchase a bike and start riding every day.

What have you done lately to change your lifestyle to become a more healthier you?

Tell us.

Joseph Gallagher, Colonel
STARFLEET Medical, Director
USS Providence NCC-71796
OIC, 128th MSG
Strategic Operations Officer
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Annoucemenr of new Deputy Director - Medical and Get Fit For Duty is Back!!
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