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 R1 Summit Medical Panel

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FREE CPR Certification at the IC?
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J. Gallagher

J. Gallagher

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PostSubject: R1 Summit Medical Panel   R1 Summit Medical Panel I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 08, 2009 10:33 am


The Region One Summit is closely approaching on May 14th - May 17th in Pigeon Forge, TN. I will be co-hosting the Medical Panel with FCAPT Susuan Mahaffey, the R1 RDC-Medical Chief. For those who have attended previous Medical Panels, Susan and I have decided on a slighty different approach this year. We have been tentively scheduled for Sat. May 16th at 1:45pm.

Our focus will be on bringing awareness of the importance of CPR in an emergency situation. We will be showing a brief video of the American Heart Association's Friends and Family CPR Anytime and the Hands-Only CPR program. This is a new, easy-to-learn technique that can help someone in need.

How many people refuse to perform CPR because they do not want to do rescue breathing on a stranger? That is why the AHA came out with the Hands-Only approach. They found out that if compressions are performed, even without rescue breathing, the body still receives some much needed oxygen until help arrives.

We also will show what items are in a First-aid and disaster-kit that should be found in every home, especially one with children. First-aid booklets will be handed out as well.

All participants will not leave empty-handed!! Pocket CPR face shield key chains in various colors will be given out, as well as Video and data CD's that contain the demo video, as well as information on CPR, heart attack signs/symptoms, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and living a healthier lifestyle. These discs can be brought back to the chapters and the info can used for an information presentation. The contents can be printed and distributed amongst the crew.

In addition, we will be holding a raffle for the attendees. The prize will not be disclosed until the time of the panel.

We hope that you would join us and perhaps learn something that can potentially help someone in an emergency. whether it be your child, spouce or relative, or a friend.

We look forward to seeing in May!!!

In service,

Joseph Gallagher, Colonel
STARFLEET Medical, Director
USS Providence NCC-71796
OIC, 128th MSG
Strategic Operations Officer
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R1 Summit Medical Panel
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